Activity 4 - Management, Communication and Coordination

This Activity covers the project management, communication and coordination activities that will be required throughout the duration of the Action. The administrative and technical organisation structure, control procedures, quality and risk management, monitoring and auditing aspects of the project will be considered within this activity as well as communication and dissemination actions.

Activity 4 is divided into the following tasks:

Task 4.1. Technical and Administrative Coordination

The Valenciaport Foundation will be in charge of the technical and administrative coordination of SEA TERMINALS, thus developing the following actions:

- Coordination of the elaboration of the different work methodologies that will be defined in the technical activities, elaboration of templates for technical reports and continuous follow-up on the execution of the activities as well as the elaboration of the Project Management Plan and project reporting.

- Monitoring the technical works developed by the project partners. The Valenciaport Foundation will carry out a continuous supervision of the works assigned to each partner according to the commitments achieved in each stage of the project.

- Review of the reports and deliverables. The Valenciaport Foundation will carry out a detailed review of the reports and deliverables scheduled in the project with the aim of validating the technical quality of the reports and adequacy to the requirements established by the TEN-T rules.

Task 4.2. Communication and Dissemination

SEA TERMINALS will provide the following specific communication results and materials:

1. Communication Plan: A Plan detailing the content and timing of the various dissemination activities, distribution channels and target groups will be prepared.

2. Info-Day Conference: An Info-Day Conference will be carried out in the Baltic region in 2015.

3. Industrial Open-Doors Days: Two open-doors days will be proposed as the industrial prototypes manufacturers will show the final designs in their facilities before the real life trials phase. The open-doors days are scheduled in the Netherlands and in Italy.

4. Public Pilot Demonstrations: The public workshops and demonstrations will be open to any entities and stakeholders interested in the fields of Port Container Terminal energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction. The public demonstrations scheduled are described as follows:

- Public Demonstration of the Energy Efficiency Pilot Cluster: Demonstration of the integrated pilot composed of the SEAMS Platform, the Black Box concept and the SEA eTractor, SEA-EcoRTG, SEA-EcoRS, SEA-EcoLIFT and SEA-Light prototypes working in a real life trial in Valencia.

- Public Demonstration of the LNG Pilot Cluster: Demonstration of the dual fuel RTG crane and the LNG supply mobile station working in a real life trial in Livorno.

5. Project Website and Professional Networking: A project website, LinkedIn and Twitter will be used to disseminate the results of the Action.

6. Dissemination Materials: newsletters and official brochures will be used as communication tools.