Activity 3 - SEA TERMINALS Market and Business Plan

SEA TERMINALS will produce Market and Business Plans for the SEA TERMINALS innovative concepts. The goal of these plans is to help accelerate the commercial release of the integrated concepts and prototypes generated within the project.

Activity 3 will be developed along with the previous activities and will follow an iterative process, thus improving the Market and Business Plans as the project advances. This approach is well aligned with the collaborative framework proposed in SEA TERMINALS where port equipment manufacturers and port end-users will develop market-sided oriented prototypes.

Activity 3 will be divided into the following tasks:

Task 3.1. Product and Market Analysis

Within this task, different prospects on product and market analysis for each of the SEA TERMINALS prototypes will be carried out. Due to the continuous and quick evolution of the port industry market as well as of end-users requirements, this sub-activity will pinpoint product and market trends in the period of the project execution. Continuous talks and meetings with stakeholders and potential customers of the SEA TERMINALS prototypes will be held in order to evaluate and classify all the variables and factors that may influence the product success from the market adoption perspective.

Task 3.2. SEA TERMINALS Business and Commercialisation Strategies

SEA TERMINALS will define specific business and commercialisation strategies for the effective market integration of the proposed nine innovative concepts. Future steps to be taken and improvements to be made to the prototypes after SEA TERMINALS finishes will be defined so that the integrated concepts and prototypes tested in this Action can be commercialised as soon as possible after the end of the Action.

A Prototype Business and Commercialisation Plan will be elaborated for each innovative concept and prototype in SEA TERMINALS by the group of partners and stakeholders participating in its development.

The Stakeholders Interest Group will involve potential end users of the SEA TERMINALS results. This group will be the instrument allowing a suitable link between the project and the port industry, thus communicating the project results to interested parties on a European level. The Stakeholders Interest Group’s role will be key in the definition of the business and commercialisation plans. The members of the group will be consulted during the process of definition of the plans, their feedback will be taken into account and they will be in charge of validating the prototype business and commercialisation plans in this Activity.