Activity 2 - Real Life Trials

In this Activity, two integrated Pilot Clusters at the ports of Valencia (Spain) and Livorno (Italy) will be performed. This Activity is divided into the following tasks:

Task 2.1. Real Life Trials and Demonstration Planning

This task will prepare the ground to carry out the SEA TERMINALS real life trials. A pilot plan will be defined for the integration of the different innovative concepts to be tested in two different locations:

- Smart, Energy-Efficient and Adaptive Innovative Concepts Integration: A plan for the deployment and test in Valencia of the innovative SEAMS Platform and “Black Box” concepts, and the SEA eTractor, SEA-EcoRTG, SEA-EcoRS, SEA-EcoLIFT and SEA-Light prototypes will be defined. A crucial aspect of this plan will be the integration of all these innovative concepts and pilots so that they can be piloted in an integrated manner and the results from the synergies that operating with all these new concepts would generate can be measured.

- Integrated Pilot Plan of LNG related prototypes: A pilot plan for the integration of the LNG Dual Fuel Powered Rubber Tyred Gantry crane (SEA Dual Fuel RTG) and the LNG Supply Mobile Module will be produced so that both innovative concepts can be piloted in an integrated way and in real life operations in Livorno.

Task 2.2. Port of Valencia Energy Efficiency Pilot Cluster: Demonstration of the SEAMS Platform Integration, Black Box Concept, SEA eTractor, SEA-EcoRTG, SEA-EcoRS, SEA-EcoLIFT and SEA-Light Prototypes

This Real Life Trial project to be carried out in Noatum Container Terminal Valencia will be developed in three separate phases:

- Phase 1: Integration of the SEAMS Platform and Black Box concepts within the operative model of Noatum Container Terminal Valencia

- Phase 2: Integration of the SEAMS Platform and Black Box concepts with the SEA TERMINALS Prototypes

- Phase 3: Demonstration and Results Analysis

Task 2.3. Port of Livorno LNG Pilot Cluster: Demonstration of the LNG Dual-Fuel Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane (SEA Dual Fuel RTG) and the LNG Supply Mobile Station Concept
According to the general strategy of the Port of Livorno to progressively introduce LNG as main fuel for port activities, the following prototypes will be demonstrated within the proposed Real Life Trial:

- LNG Dual Fuel Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane (SEA-Dual Fuel RTG): Demonstration of a retrofitted LNG Dual-Fuel powered RTG crane.

- Port LNG Supply Mobile Station: Demonstration of the new concept of LNG supply mobile station, specifically designed for refuelling port machinery. This new prototype will fulfil the refuelling requirements of heavy duty port equipment, for instance the need of refuelling at non-standard heights due to the location of the LNG tanks.

Task 2.4. Real Life Trials Validation and Exploitation, Standardisation and Policies

This is a key task of SEA TERMINALS as it comprises the prototypes and real life trials validation, impact evaluation and the recommendations that would allow the swift creation of critical mass in the EU.

The Peer Review Group will check, reject or validate the report describing the results of the real life trials. It will be chaired by a representative of the European Commission or of the Spanish, Italian, Dutch or Estonian Ministry of Transport and the group will include peer experts from other container terminals that will be representatives of end users of the Action results and experts competent in the transport, energy and environmental fields.